How to Tie Bottom Rig – Catch More Fish and Save $ (Beach Fishing Rig)

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Stop using those expensive pre-made bottom rigs in the tackle shop for beach, pier, and surf fishing – and make your own! You will 100% catch more fish and save money, but guaranteed you will catch more fish. These are the most fundamental beach, pier, and surf fishing rigs and in this video I explain how to tie your own.

This rig is called a hi-lo rig or a bottom rig. You can use these from the beach, the pier, and in the surf – and of course on a boat as well. They catch anything and everything. Some people think they are only for small fish and that is absolutely not true. These rigs catch giant fish. They catch anything from redfish, striper, flounder, pompano, sheepshead, black drum, sea mullet, spot, croaker, sharks, cobia, and pretty much anything that swims!

Popular Baits People like to use for them are:

Sand Fleas (Mole Crabs)
Fish Bites
Cut Bait (fresh fish)
Fiddler Crabs
Blue Crab Chunks

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